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13 Critical Tips for Facilitating Better Online Workshops That You Need to Know

Make sure you touch on every tip when converting your face-to-face delivery into an online format!

This guide was developed based on our 40 years of experience facilitating highly sought-after accreditation courses in classrooms, virtually and in hybrid models - so we’ve learned a lot.

At a time when a worker's degree of digital literacy can mean the difference between thriving, surviving and writhing in pain, we have a great opportunity to learn how to leverage an extensive landscape of digital tools.

In this exclusive guide, you'll get access to:

  • 7 Questions to understand your audience and desired outcomes
  • 11 Must-Have Software Features for virtual meetings
  • 8 Questions to understand how prepared your participants are
  • 11 Tips for creating your session's “rules of engagement”
  • 10 Tactics to vary your sessions
  • 9 Elements to consider about safe learning environments

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Get these things right and impress your audience like never before!

With the help of this guide, you'll be able to:

  • Excel at session preparation and having a plan B with meeting software 
  • Master the roles of the facilitator and the technical producer 
  • Swiftly avoid the mistakes other virtual facilitators make (death by slide deck!
  • Master multiple ways of undertaking learning assessments in a session 
  • And much more... Including a very handy participant checklist!
“The TTI Success Insights tools helped me offer a new solution to my clients and really complements what I bring to the table in terms of HR experience and knowledge!”
Michelle McDonagh
Aspire HR

About Us

TTI Success Insights is one of the largest assessment providers in the world. We have generated more than 30 million reports (and a new one is completed every 7.2 seconds). Having invested millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours in research and development over 40 years, our experience and expertise have culminated in a suite of tools that cannot be rivalled.

As the Australian and New Zealand Master Distributor of the TTI Success Insights tools, our role is to help customers design, market and implement world class assessment-based solutions for their clients and teams. We do this by providing rigorous accreditation training, world class resources and ongoing support.
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"Over the past month, I have done nothing but attend virtual meetings and training. The Science of Self™ Accreditation sets the benchmark for online facilitated events."

– Toby, Learning & Development Manager at Metagenics